Building Professional Preschool Education System
Training Children for Healthy Life Mindset and Behaviors
Inspiring Children to Be Curious and Adventurous,
Developing Their Cognitive and Language Abilities

Four Main Functions

English Teaching AI Interaction

Professional English Native Teacher At Home Always

Picture Book Identification
Real-Human Reading Audio

Over Hundreds of Patented Technologies,
Truly Smart Reading Function, AI Guidance For Children
Let Your Children Fall In Love with Reading
and Acquire An Independent Thinking Habit

Practicing According To the Progress
of Elementary School English Textbook

Synchronized with Grade 1-6 elementary school textbooks specified
by every provincial Education Committees in China,
we aim to provide children with a full coverage of key knowledge points
Synchronized with all Education-Committee-specified compulsory reading lists,
including Traditional Chinese Civilization Studies, Poems, Astronomy and Geography,
it helps broaden children’s horizons
Synchronizing real-time learning progress to parents’ phones,
allowing for a clear and comfortable way to follow-up

Video Conversation Smart Snapshot

HD Video Call, A Number of Parent-Child Interaction Options,
Possible to Accompany Your Children to Grow Up
Without Missing A Single Moment

Official Strategic Partners

Cooperating Premier Content Platforms

Over 30,000+ Age-Diversified High Quality Resources

Automatic Software Update Every Two Weeks

Richer Content with Better User Experience!

A Companion That Children Love

“Pudding Robot” is a professional smart robot brand for children,
dedicating in researching and developing intelligent robots that can accompany children
of different age groups to grow (study). It advocates an education principle of “Learning with Fun”,
which helps to train children to be curious about the world.We would love to deliver visible love to children
with a technological heart, and make this love their strength to grow and advance.

  • Brand Concept

    “Pudding” represents a smart companion, a happy childhood, unlimited imagination and a creative future. “Pudding” advocates an idea of “learning with fun”. It provides children with a robot friend, allowing them to experience all the joy and fun of being a child during the magical period full of curiosity and adventures when babies become children. At the same time, it initiates the development of children’s intellectual potential and trains them for good behaviours and habits.

  • Brand Mission

    In the future, “Pudding” is going to continue developing new members of the robot family, customized for children of different age groups. It commits itself to create smart robots that can bring educational value to all children and are fun and useful. It wishes to see the joy and wisdom brought by “Pudding” to become the supporting strength for children to growth and advance.