Pudding BeanQ
Bilingual Learning Smart Robot

Let kids around the world know that it is

Round compatible and bean shape, multiple position touch sensors, double plug charging mode,
customized anti blue light eye protection screen film, integrated structure with zero screw.
We carefully consider for children in the design of every detail. The health and safety of children
are always the consistent persistence of Pudding BeanQ.

Round and compatible,
cute and animate small green adorable bean

Fluid curve, egg shape design with future sense. Excellent hand feeling suitable for children holding. Different color concept from traditional robot. Apply green color design to highlight sense of life and make BeanQ close to children’s heart.

Touch sensor, rich anthropomorphic emotional interaction

Touching head, two sides of body, face of Pudding, you will experience rich anthropomorphic emotional interaction.

A Perfect Combination of Premier Materials and Black Technology

The Curious Duck is covered with eatable silica gel and equipped with ultra high definition optical lenses
The integrated AI image recognition algorithm developed through independent research and development is able to identify all images and texts

Double Plug Charging Mode

Apply “Double Plug” (Plug charging + charging panel) mode to make sure the safety use with securing charging efficiency.
At the same time, it is easier for children to hold it. Children and their lovely Pudding BeanQ can be close friends and not move a step from each other.

Customized anti blue light eye protection screen film.
Safe, eye protection and anti-broken screen

We elaborately customized anti blue light eye protection tempered glass film.
Safe, eye protection and anti-broken screen to guarantee the eye protection of children to the maximum extent during use.

Anti Blue Light Screen Film

400-415nm Harmless Blue Light

415-455nm Harmful Blue Light

455-500nm Harmless Blue Light

Harmless Blue Light

UV Ray


Infrared Ray










wave length(nm)

The Range of Blue Light in the Spectrum

Strictly selected structure material
all for the safety of children

Integrated structure with zero screw. Anti-creeping treatment of charging interface/ charging panel. Strict environmental protection quality coating. Feeding bottle level shell material. The parents are relieved even the children hold and bite it.

Soft sound speaker level sound, high resolution screen,
110° high-definition wide angle camera, 6 hours of ultra-long life battery.
We polish every detail elaborately for children.
High quality and complex technique regardless of cost are to offer utmost caring for children.

Detailed observation,
high-definition wide angle

110° wide angle, high-definition camera,
clear shooting, thorough sight,
experience more intimate parent-child interaction.

Soft sound, speaker level

Outstanding high fidelity sound system. Specially protect the fine and sensitive hearing of children.
Provide the best environment for the intellectual development of the children’s hearing sense.

Listen, sound pick-up in 3 meters

Test for thousands of hours and constantly optimizing with Tsing University lab to support 3 meters of far field voice interaction and sound localization.
The children can communicate with BeanQ smoothly in noisy home environment.

Smart, mute motor

Customized mute motor enables the body rotate 300° flexibly
without sound and equip the BeanQ with flexibility.

Sensitive, Multi touch

Multi touch high-definition screen. Support fast clicking,
sliding and multidirectional zooming.
Bring more interesting interactive experience for children.

Accompany, Ultra-long life battery

Two new updated 3.7V/2600mAh efficient lithium batteries.
6 hours of wireless endurance. Say goodbye to frequently repeated charging.
Happy and easy accompanying.

6 hours of wireless endurance.